Why Roseportal?

Direct sales

The Roseportal sales team is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week ready to present your offer to a large and diversified group of buyers such as exporters, suppliers of supermarkets, florists and Flying Dutchman who market your flowers worldwide. 

Strategic advice

As a result of the contacts and the market information the sales team has, Roseportal is able to give you advice about pricing, market developments, assortment selection and the arrangement of fixed deals for longer term. 

Cooperation growers & sales team

Roseportal combines IT-solutions with market knowledge of her professional sales team to be able to combine auction and direct sales in order to optimize results. 


Sales reports

On demand sales reports show your weekly quantities, trends and an overview of the sales per variety.

Payment guarantee

No dept risks at Roseportal, since our payment occurs through your flower auction Flora Holland account.

Marketing & Promotions

Marketing is an important part of Roseportal. The marketing department promotes Roseportal and the connected growers on major exhibitions, and with our website and social media. Roseportal offers you support with brand marketing, the development of sleeves and logos. We can also support you with variety introductions and extensive feedback reports.